Struggling to find the right solution to driving in jetty piles

Trevor Dobinson (Owner of Ullswater Holiday Park) was struggling to find the right solution to driving in jetty piles, until he contacted Klou.


To be fair, I was a little sceptical of how effective the Klou VPD Post Driver would be, and so was really pleased when Klou offered to do a free demon-stration on our site.

When the post driver was connected to our 5.5 ton excavator, we picked a post which was 12’ long and 6’’ diameter (flat/no point) and began the test.

We were truly amazed at the speed and smoothness as it drove the post nearly 8’ into the ground!! We have since purchased the unit, and it is work-ing extremely well for us.

Anyone using an excavator/tractor/skidsteer for agricultural fencing, jetty piles or retaining, should seriously consider Klou for a free demo. I am very thankful that we found Klou and trust others will do likewise

driving in jetty piles


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