Fencing large areas of a Dorset quarry was hard work untill…

Greg Walker of Gregorys Fencing & Landscaping Ltd was very pleased when a solution was found for the difficult scenario.
The fencing team had really been struggling in the clay conditions and the banks and slopes just added to the complications.
Klou solved the problem, and when the VPD1.2 vibrating post driver was fitted to their Bobcat E45 it proved incredibly useful, driving in a range of different post sizes and shapes and cutting down the man-hours.
The VPD1.2 is also extremely compact and this always helps when we transport and store it.
When asked what the most impressive thing of the Klou post driver was, Greg said: “We worked from the top of the banking to put the fencing in, that really was the massive advantage of the Klou Post Driver.”

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