Smart Hydraulic Attachments

Quality machine attachments

Equip your mini excavator with robust, reliable hydraulic attachments


The amazing Klou Post driver VPD 1 uses hydraulic orbital technology to empower you with a fast efficient post driving capability. Fits a range of machines and offers up to 10 times faster post driving than thumper type machines whilst causing minimal post damage. Can drive even large posts with ease and is used by fencing contractors and land works operators across England.


This Stump Grinder by Klou offers performance like a dedicated machine whilst offering a range of application advantages. Specially designed for mini excavators in the 2.0 – 4.0 tone class, this stump grinder can reach over obstacles like flower gardens, fences etc and can be used on difficult slopes making it a favorite with landscapers, tree surgeons and land clearance contractors.



Flail head attachment for tough clearing and moving , this robust machine will cut thick grass and wood stems up to 37mm thick! Designed to clear land and mow verges etc over rough ground and hard to reach places, the Flail head FL 600 is used by clearing contractors and fits easily to many mini excavators and skid steer machines offering a whole new application set for your equipment.

The Klou CP 300 Tarmac Cold planer Fits to many mini excavators and skid steer loaders making it a popular unit across England. Easy to fit and detach, this unit is compact, powerful and efficient making quick work of cutting away swaths of Tarmac. 




Klou Skid Steer Log Grapple c/w manual swivel

The Stump Grinder SG2 BH is a larger version of SG1 ME

The SG1 SD stump grinder has its own auxiliary engine to power it.


Maintenance support on purchased attachments

If you have purchased one of our hydraulic attachments, we are also available to maintain, service and repair them for you. We are very proud of our products and are sure you will find that they work without any problems, but should you find any need to call us, we will be with you to solve the problem without delay.


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